Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Back Yard Burglar

No-Tail's tail has grown again, but it's still quite easy to tell him apart from Scarface. He's still trying to muscle in on the territory - when he's around I hear a good bit of territorial chirping. But he's not one to come close to the house, whereas Scarface and partner are both happy to come up to the door, and even a bit further. I'm pretty sure they have another brood - I saw one of them deposit a faecal sac on a branch the other day, and they're flying off with food again, which wasn't the case for a while after the last little ones were fledged.

Casing the joint


Nah, this looks better!

This IS better!!

Back to the nest with the booty

Not sure what happened to the post I thought I made yesterday, I'll just try posting it again tomorrow...

The robin formerly known as No-Tail, in the early morning sun. I'm not sure if he's fatter just because he's only feeding himself, or if he's puffed up for territorial display - or both.

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  1. That's pretty brave jumping into that container! And that plaintive look through the container - LOL! They must really have bonded with you to have such trust.