Thursday, 9 June 2011

It's Raining Babies

With all the juveniles currently at the feeder, I feel those very scruffy specimens from a couple of weeks back must just have been harried and haggard parents worn to a frazzle trying to keep all those big beaks satisfied. I had a couple of glimpses of a young thrush, too many of a young magpie, and my first sighting of these little baby blue tits. Aren't they so cute!! It was hard to tell how many there might be  - I only ever saw two together at one time, whereas there can be at least four little coal tits clustered on the feeder these days.

I said it was raining - here's the young thrush in the rain:

I'm not sure if I'm anthropomorphizing here, but seeing it standing in the steam rising from the shed roof in the sunshine after a shower, I couldn't help thinking that it looked as if it were taking a sauna.

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  1. Those little guys are so fluffy and cute. I love the steaming thrush video. He looks so non-plussed.