Friday, 10 June 2011

A Great Day

The young great tits somehow don't have the same cute factor as the baby blues. I think it's to do with the masked face the blue tits have - think pandas, raccoons...
But they are certainly very handsome in their pristine plumage and with a creamy yellow belly rather than the brighter yellow adult plumage.

A brief harmonious sharing with young blue and coal tits. Brief is the word!

Two generations

I got to see a Little Grebe in the park this morning, but oh my, little is the word. The battery in my SLR had gone flat, but at least it still gave some magnification to see the detail and come home and work out what it was.  Next time we go I'll bring the spotting scope just in case it's still there - but I've never seen on there before. Watching it diving in among the lilies nearly left me running late as I needed to be home by noon; I was trying to decide what would be the loser if I had to prioritise between the library, the DIY shop for more peanuts and Marks and Spencers. I think it would have been M&S,  but I was glad to have time to do all three as the luxury Charentes butter croissants were in stock, so we have a treat for breakfast tomorrow.

We had a massive thunderstorm with large hail stones - I could see them breaking up as they hit the skylights. I hope all our little birds were well under cover!!

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  1. Your little videos are so incredibly steady-handed. Kudos to you on that! I love the straight-on pic of the youngster with it's beard. I hope you enjoy your treats tomorrow. We are supposed to have rain all day and I was so looking forward to garage saling. (But the dr. says I can now ride a bike so guess what I'll be shopping for!)