Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Needles and Pins...

Instead of "wood" photos today,  now that I know my latest knitting arrived safely at its destination I can upload a couple of photos of that...
I haven't bought speciality wool for a long time - I  buy most of my wool mail-order from Scotland - and there was quite an array when I went into This is Knit to look for something really nice.
This is what I found:

 I was disappointed that there wasn't more of the light green in it - a lot showed on the ball of wool, but with space-died yarns you get what you get.

I also had fun with this - the design was from a book of Crewel techniques. My normal scissors fob design is just 2 1/2" square, so I had to reduce the parrot by over half and change some of the stitches to suit the smaller project. The silk was left over from a dragonfly embroidery I did for my sister, and guided me into choosing the blue in the bird instead of the green I was originally going to use.

Happy Birthday, Lorraine :D.

p.s. - the mandarins were still there this morning.


  1. I am so lucky to be able to attest to the beauty in real life of these wonderful creations. You made a superb choice in colors for both the scarf and the bird. Thank you again and again.

    As if that mandarin wasn't interesting enough you've captured him wonderfully against that wall with the foliage and the links.

  2. The scarf is out of this world, Sabrina! I usually tend to think that the multicoloured wool often disappoints in the final products but this scarf is just gorgeous.