Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Architectural Details

The photo challenge on Splitcoast this week was architectural details. Just up my street, I always enjoy looking at the smaller details. Photos are meant to be current, taking after the challenge was posted, so when I went to Farmleigh this morning I took the same photograph of a detail on the gazebo that I had taken last week.

It was a photo of the Ionic capital that I had taken last week - first time I'd noticed the paint only on the outer edge of it. The bright spring sunshine really highlighted it.  It brought back memories of my second exchange visit to France, when I was 15; we visited what felt like almost every Romanesque church on the route from Paris to the south of France. I'd never seen painted stonework before then. I love the way the paint matches the verdigris patina on the gazebo roof.

 Detail over the door of the dairy, and one of the stained glass windows that run around it just under roof height.

Roofs - the house and the gate lodge

I always notice this window on a big new house at the entrance to the park. The house has been empty since it was built - the gateway is blocked with a big container of flowers. Sad indictment on the property market and the greed of developers to see it empty for so long. It also means that a lot of people have to do 5-point rather than 3-point turns to turn their cars to get back up the road again.

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  1. I love your architectural details. You have a very discerning eye. Stained glass windows on a dairy - that's some detail. Lucky cows.