Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March already!!

How did that happen? The lobster claw bush in my new header photo didn't survive the harsh weather early in 2010. At some stage it was apparent it wasn't going to recover and our neighbours trimmed it back a lot. After I removed the feeders that were hanging in it they cut it down altogether.

Favourite cards for February...

From Farmleigh last week.


Wood Anemone

Flowering Quince

The last picture is the same willow as the first picture, but coming at it from the far side of the lake with the sun behind it. It looked like a tree full of glittering, sparkling glass.

Tomorrow is forecast to be another sunny morning after a cold night, so perhaps I'll get a walk in somewhere. We walked along the canal on Sunday; they have been doing major work clearing the paths, and while I am sure it will look lovely in a month or so, it was rather butchered looking in the bright sunshine on Sunday. We turned back when the clouds got dark, and got caught in a heavy hail shower.


  1. Love the new header. Those leaves are just the perfect backdrop to hightlight the bird. Your cards are wonderful. I am so inspired by your creations, both on paper and through the lens. You truly have a gift and I'm glad that you share it.

  2. I agree with Lorraine, Love your header. I also love the photo of the quince. So pretty!

  3. A third who loves your new header Sabrina! I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your creations at SCS. You are a definite favorite!! I have missed you!! Hugs, Judi