Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Little Boy Blue mark 2

C is going to post this off for me tomorrow. Just as well I've made this one in a larger size - if I'd gone for a newborn or the next size up it probably wouldn't fit by the time it arrives. If it's not raining tomorrow I'm going to walk into town after work and pick up some fine wool for a christening-type baby shawl - it's raining babies just now, it seems!

Currently reading: I heard most, but not all, of the BBC Radio 4 serialisation of The Far Pavilions by M M Kaye, and picked the book up the last time I was in the library. It's a mammoth book, but I'm enjoying it and making good progress. I always like Kipling's Kim and have read it several times; this is set in a similar period. For lighter entertainment I'm reading  The Man Who Ate the World: In Search of the Perfect Dinner - well written and very enjoyable. It's a good balance to Eat Your Heart Out: Why the food business is bad for the planet and your health, which I am almost finished. We don't eat a lot of processed food anyway - reflected in the fact that when I was adding up how many times we had put our bin out for collection last year to claim a tax refund, it was only 8 times in the whole year. Even the bins that are free to collect usually only get put out for every third collection or so. But a couple of chapters in that book left me wondering how I could change a couple of other things in my purchasing patterns - and would it have any impact on the big agri-businesses if I did. I always remember that my mother boycotted South African goods during the apartheid years - we learned very early on not to choose South African oranges or other fruit.


  1. I remember reading The Far Pavilions many years ago, I loved it - glad to see it is about again. Love those big fat books! I also remembering boycotting South African produce - and when Nelson Mandela was released he commented on how news of the support from Ireland had cheered him - so maybe those small things DO make a difference :)

  2. Sabrina, you are truly talented and the recipient of this wonderful gift is sure to treasure it. Love the tag too! I wish I could find time to read - actually, time is not the thing - it's trying to stay awake when I try to read. I have a stack of books just waiting for me to be well-rested enough to enjoy them.

  3. Oh my word, Sabrina...what a beautiful baby sweater...you are sooo talented...not only with paper crafts but knitting, too!!! I used to knit all the time and then went on to quilting...you have inspired me to unpack my needles!!!!