Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Winging It

I said that the irises were attracting photographers just like the flowers were attracting bees (OK, so I did have my tripod now that I have my lovely new carbon-fibre one, but one of the guys there had at least two, if not three, different reflectors).  Not sure how come all the iris photos I uploaded were blue, when I did take some other ones...So here are just a very few of the bees we saw.

Time for a good scratch

Feeling happier

Dragonflies - if you look closely, the one on the right is all turquoise, but the one on the left has a green thorax - if that's the right term for it. Abdomen?

And since I just happened to have dragonflies on the card I made today...

I was at the optician this morning. I thought she would tell me I needed to move on to varifocals, but she reckoned that since I didn't need to change my prescription, I might as well wait another year, if I was only finding it a slight inconvenience and not a major problem. No charge for a basic check-up including the glaucoma test and the one where she shines a bright light into your eyes. Now I know for sure why I travel to go to my regular optician for the last number of years, instead of switching to one of the large chains nearby or in the city centre. But between the rain and the heavy traffic, I don't know why I listened to C and drove rather than taking the train, which would have been my first choice. At least he had been over that direction recently for a training course and advised me to allow an hour to eliminate the stress of running late - I needed most of it.


  1. I LOVE that first bee picture, love love love it :) I also love the dragonflies on your card, are they stamps? I also carry on going to my own optician, much nicer than any chains, and as I need a different lens for each eye I can't do the whole supermarket glasses thing anyway.

  2. Such busy bees - love that hovering one too! What great coloration on the duck. At first I couldn't imagine what that was because of how it was positioned - great photo catch. Really made me study it. How lucky to catch those dragonflies - you must have been on the teaparty wavelength or something. (I love the card too!)

  3. Look at you go with these awesome photos, Sabrina!!! The way you captured the bee hovering just outside of the bloom is so cool, and I got such a giggle out of that duck scratching himself. You can just feel his satisfaction at eradicating that itch of his. And, omigosh, check out that pretty dragonfly!