Tuesday, 15 June 2010


This morning I was hanging the wash out before work and thinking how much we miss our little robins. I wish I knew what had happened to them. I was thinking that now there are no birds that will come to the feeder unless I am in the back porch -  and promptly on cue a little scruffy juvenile coal tit flew across and started digging into the feeder. He kept flying off and coming back, so when the wash was all pegged out I stuck the big lens on the camera and sat in the back porch for a few minutes.

There must be something good in here.

Ah, a nice sunflower seed.

How do you get into this darned thing!!

(He really was having trouble with that seed, he was pecking away at it for ages).

It was lovely and sunny in town too. I am so happy that it's good weather this week. C has to go to Birr for a meeting tomorrow, and as it's a day I'm not scheduled to work, I'm going to go down with him and visit the Demesne. It's almost three years since we were last there - too long.

The Liffey at low tide - looking almost rural!! The sunshine really  makes the green look so green.


  1. What kind of bird is the one with the blue? What a pudgy little fellow...so sweet! Have a fabulous day tomorrow! And take your camera...please!! ( I so wish you would consider doing a book with all your fabulous photos...I would be the first in line to buy one!) Hugs, Judi

  2. Sabrina, I'm always thrilled to see your bird pictures. They sure do make me smile. You'll probably see this after your trip - I hope you had a wonderful time and can't wait to see any pictures you might have.