Thursday, 10 June 2010

Adding Some Colour to Life

At last the sun came out this evening, but really it's been grey since some time on Sunday. These are all pictures from Saturday,  with the added bonus that  all I had to do was scale them down. Just as well;  not too much time for fussing around with editing as I took advantage of the sun and lack of rain to go and pull all the ivy and brambles out of the hedge. It's been hard to find a chance recently when I wouldn't get an inadvertent shower at the same time. And I spent a bit of time today making a little mini album of photos from my aunt's garden to give her when we go there for dinner tomorrow evening.

I love Escholztia -I grew some from seed one year and they were almost as vivid as the ones in the photo, maybe a bit more yellow. But after a couple of years all the self-seeded ones were coming up more like primroses and buttermilk.

You don't really see the photos in the mini-album so well, but they were almost all on the blog back at the end of May anyway!


  1. Sabrina, what a lovely myriad of color. Your little book is wonderful - I am sure your aunt will be thrilled. Most people wouldn't take the time to take pictures of something that is wet, but you have certainly found the beauty in those leaves and blossoms in a special way.

  2. Sabrina these pictures and your sweet little book are just breathtaking! I could spend hours looking at your blog and photos. Such vivid colors!!!!!!!! Fabulous gf!!!!