Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mount Usher - part one.

Busy weekend - out last night, out tomorrow, a visit to the Botanic Gardens this morning as it wasn't quite nice enough to be going all the way to Birr for an anniversary treat (never mind the Bank Holiday traffic!). But I've managed to pick and re-size the best photos from Mount Usher. It was such a treat to have got there last weekend. We used to go often when we were children - I can still remember Mum dropping the car keys on the slatted wooden bridge, and how we all had to stay still until she picked them up, in case they fell through the gap into the river. We used to regularly when we lived in Bray and Dun Laoghaire, but it could be ten years since we were last there. Avoca Handweavers are certainly doing a good job keeping it well-maintained and looking good. We came back part of the way along the old road, which brought back memories of driving lessons, and learning to change gear to take all those bends smoothly.

And the Handkerchief Tree - we saw three this morning in the Botanic Gardens, but none of them looked as good as the ones in Mount Usher. I wonder is it something to do with the hard winter - it's years since I remember seeing the one that I knew was in the Botanics in bloom, and we go there pretty regularly.


  1. Beautiful pictures Sabrina, especially the last one. All our rhodo's and clematis are spectacular this year compared to other years so I think the cold winter has something to do with it. As a lot of these plants come from area's where the winters are hard and the summers hot, they perform better over here when they had a good frost on them.

  2. yep same our rose and wisteria are really good this year. Clematis montana about to burst forth. I love these pics of Mount Usher, it looks just like it always does.......must get down there soon. I like the new shops and cafe arrangements too, in keeping with the whole thing.

  3. What a gorgeous stepped waterfall. How that must sound! I'd love to see one of those handkerchief trees in person. It must be a sight to behold. Someone once told me that snow adds more nitrogen to the soil and that's why the trees and shrubs are so happy after a tough winter. Is it true? I don't know, but it seems likely.