Friday, 25 June 2010

Pocketful of Poppies

Hardly a pocketful, in fact. The red ones have grown in a border - I think from a pack of assorted wildflower seed I sowed last year. And the little orange bud is a not very happy third generation Iceland poppy that grew in a container I hadn't planted anything in, and consequently hadn't watered. Hoping for some rain tomorrow as forecast - the garden could certainly do with it.

So pleased that the car passed its NCT (National Car Test) first time round. It's the first time it has - although the first time I appealed and got a refund for the retest. That year it failed on the lights not being set properly. I took it down to the mechanic, who had a look with all the gear, told me they were perfect and in all conscience he couldn't do anything and sent me off. We took it back for the re-test and it passed with flying colours...hence my appeal, and my refund "without prejudice". As a 13-year old car that's now over a hundred thousand miles on the clock I certainly wasn't counting on it passing! A good way to start the weekend.

I made a card today with my sorbet photo, and Basic Grey's Two Scoops paper seemed an appropriate choice.

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  1. I love poppies and I'm afraid I missed seeing my pink one bloom this spring. I know it did because of the distinctive seed pods. Oh well, I am glad I get to enjoy your pictures.

    The card came out fabulous. How wonderful to have that picture for the challenge today!