Sunday, 29 November 2009

Quick Knit

This ladybird hat was quick to make - although I had to adapt the pattern slightly as it was probably for Aran weight wool (one of those brands/patterns that doesn't say, but going by needle size my guess is it was heavier than DK). I've knit this before for the little girl I used to mind. She lost the first one at the skating rink and I had to knit her another.

I mentioned that I had got some wool to knit a couple of things for a girl in work.
The photo challenge on SCS this week was curves. It was enormously windy on Wednesday, and pretty dull - but I was rewarded by this rainbow just as I got to work. Seen a lot of rainbows this week!!

1 comment :

  1. That hat is adorable. My daughter's sororiety mascot was ladybugs (that's what we call them)and we've kind of overdosed on them during her college years, but I can tell you, she would have loved a hat like that!

    How lucky of you to capture that rainbow! Great photo.