Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hot off the Needles

...not quite hot. I finished this last week, but only got the buttons when I went into town after work yesterday. I searched both my sewing and my craft button boxes, and couldn't find four matching buttons the right size. This is for my newest nephew, who is now 6 months old. It was fun to knit, because instead of having to knit the front button and buttonhole bands separately, they are cables knit along with the fronts. So, I did have to knit the cable borders for the bottom edge and the sleeves, but it was a lot more fun than knitting ribbed bands.

I picked up some wool to knit a hat and cardigan for someone in work, so there'll be more to show soon.
The weather we've been having is not conducive to outdoor photography, but here's a photo of the Spanish Chestnut tree in work, now almost totally bare. It was a pretty lousy morning, but by the time I finished work it was bright and sunny, so I walked into town instead of waiting for the bus.


  1. Your knitting is wonderful. That's a great pattern. I always think handmade items make great gifts. There's a lot of love that goes into them.

  2. Oh, Sabrina, you are blessed with so many wonderful artistic talents. This sweater is beautiful!!