Monday, 16 November 2009

Bird in the Garden

Last Thursday I bought a tub of mealworms for our little robin, as I'd run out of all the ones I'd saved from a mixed bag of bird food. And of course, I didn't see him again till today. He'll come so close - I need to remember to have the camera ready. In fact, he was so close that I couldn't focus on him while he came to feed from beside the back step - but I snapped him sitting on the wall instead. I know - how many pictures of robins have I already got!
I thought this week was going to be busy in work, so this morning I got up early and made a start on the housework and brought the big bird-feeder in to clean. I hung up a bag of sunflower seeds to keep the birds going, but it was just lying on the ground when I came home. I think the big birds like the pigeons try to take food, and pull it I'd better go and fill up the normal one and hang it out again.

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