Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The photo challenge on SCS this week is pairs of things.
I got lucky this morning. Only thing was I didn't bring my big camera, because I was planning on doing some beading in work, so my bag was pretty packed with the stuff for that. On my way to the bus in the morning, I'd seen one go by, so I knew there was 5 minutes till the next one. That meant I was able to pause and admire one of these beautiful trees - the early morning light on it made for amazing colour. When I stepped across the road to take a picture, I realised that there were actually two trees - and two houses - so it was perfect for the challenge.
Then walking along the quays in town I saw these two painters painting the railings outside Collins Barracks. Thanks to cropping out some of the extra details, I also have two cones.

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