Saturday, 11 June 2016


I'm sitting here watching the rain beat down on the windows above me - after almost ten days of lovely sunshine and blue skies, it's been getting greyer and greyer as the week progressed.

But while I was able to sit out more in the garden last week, that also gave me a chance to see more of the birds...The blackbird was certainly enjoying the sun. I saw a magpie sunning one day as well.

A great tit in the hawthorn trees at the end of the garden, and another one enjoying a sunflower seed snack...

Juvenile and adult robins

And a goldfinch just because I don't often get a good photo of one in the squirrel-proof feeders, but the bright sunshine helped.

And our own mid-morning "snack" - halfway to making cappuccino :D. The gaskets for our Dualit coffee machine are no longer available except by buying a whole brewhead as well,  but I was able to buy  Krupps gaskets exactly the same size. It was about time for a new one!!


  1. Glad you got to enjoy the sunny weather and that the birds joined you in the garden. I like the shape of those feeders. Your snack is very artistic too!

  2. These photos are wonderful!