Friday, 3 June 2016

Birds of a feather...

Our squirrel-proof feeders don't lend themselves to bird photography - but with the warm sunny weather we've had all week, I've been able to catch a few shots of birds in the garden - we have quite a few wood pigeons who keep the grass around the feeders short as they trample round looking for any fallen seed.

I also managed to capture the semi-juvenile robin that I saw the other day. And another one that I am sad about - one of his legs is trailing loosely behind him and I feel sure that he won't survive - although I'd love to be wrong.

Somehow I feel as if I've been seeing a lot of cards with wild roses on them recently. Here's one growing over our end wall.

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  1. I love the color of those wood pigeons. Such a wonderful shade of gray, or is it grey. My husband just helped friends of ours who live at the beach pull out an invasion wild rose - pink. I tried to get him to bring home some of the roots to plant on the outskirts of the field across the street from us but he decided not to. I'm sure she's going to have the bush/vine come back because the roots were very big and long.