Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Around and about work...

Someone in work had mentioned to me that she had come across a garden that you would never know was there, as it's up what looks like a fire-escape. It seems that when renovations were done on one of  the buildings along James' Street, the garden was also renovated. It looks like a lovely peaceful spot to sit! It was the dead flower catkins from some tree that first caught me eye - like a weird sort of snow. Looking up the garden you can see the back of the house - but turn around and straight away you are in an industrial setting. It just so happened that while I was taking these photos, the same security guard who had been on duty at the front gate when I arrived walked through and stopped to chat. He felt it was a shame that it was such a regimented planting with bedding plants - personally he would have liked to see wildflowers and a more bee- and butterfly-friendly planting.

The last photo isn't round and about work at all, it was snapped with my phone when I walked down to get the weekend fruit and vegetables.

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  1. What a great little find. That last picture would make a lovely post/notecard.