Saturday, 4 June 2016

A Bird of Another Feather

One afternoon last week I had a phone-call from C. He recently moved offices and his lunch-time walks have taken on a different tenor! No more the leafy green streets around Dublin 2, he's now in the docklands area. And he wanted to know how to use the zoom on his camera phone, because the USCGS Eagle was in town. When he said "coastguard ship", I didn't realise he meant something like our old Asgard! He came home with the first of these photos - and the one of the guillemots.

And this Monday at lunchtime, he made the longer walk all the across the river to visit the ship and came home with more photos for me  - so all the photos in this post are actually his, not mine at all. But I didn't have time to go and see it. It reminded me so much of when we visited the Maritime Museum in Barcelona - as well as the main museum they have a sailing ship moored across the road, which we visited.

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  1. How cool is that. I remember showing my husband these pictures. Love the reflection of the flag in the compass.