Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What a Troll Might Wear...

I was walking in to work yesterday and was intrigued to see a washing-line hanging from the Rory O'More Bridge (or the "blue bridge" as one of the guys in work described it, when I was asking him had he spotted it). It must have been some art installation somebody put up - probably unofficially as it was gone by the time I went home at lunchtime. I have no idea whether the perpretrator knew that this is the bridge with the Troll Below sign stencilled on it, but I did, and it gave rise to some amusing possibilities in my mind.

And from a Saturday morning walk to the shopping centre. The birds all over are busy nesting. When I went to the opticians about ten days ago, I stopped to watch a starling in a tree. He was moving so awkwardly that I wondered if he had a broken wing, but he was just having difficulty manoeuvring in a very bushy tree with a large twig in his beak.(This magpie was in the neighbourhood, and while he wasn't having as much trouble as the starling, he still dropped his twig once while I was watching).

Still have to find a header photo for March. With my PC out of order, that means connecting my back-up so that I can choose a photo from last year; as the old retired computer that has come back into temporary service is so slow, I've been putting it off. I crashed the PC last night trying to edit these photos, and just had to slow down and open only one a time this evening.

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  1. How funny - the wash. The black wash! Must be a female troll too. That bridge is such a beautiful shade of blue and makes such a wonderful reflection. I am always amazed to see the differences in our birds. Your starlings with the white are so pretty. Ours are all black, although the black sometimes has a little of a blue iridescence when the sun hits it just right. We've had flocks of them all over recently. Yes, spring is right around the corner.