Monday, 26 March 2012


I tried posting this last night,but the internet was acting up all over the place. Yesterday (and today) we've had glorious sunshine weather - it's so warm it's hard to believe that it's only March. This would be good weather for July, even. Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon taking most of the compost out of the compost bin, which was coming apart at one of the joints. After removing a fair amount I was able to get the front panel back properly, and spread a lot it along the borders. I think that the mild winter must have made a big difference, because almost all of it was good compost, and I've never in my life seen so many worms in one place before.
The fine weather has resulted in clear (and cold) nights, so last night I was trying to capture the crescent moon. It was a bit hard from the back garden, but there'd have been a lot more light pollution out in the front. I was trying to capture the two planets that are near the moon just now, but one of them was just too high to frame in the picture with any success.


  1. Stunning photo, I've been enjoying watching Jupiter & Venus too :)

  2. Great picture. A definite wow!