Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Bunch of Birds

Various photos from the last week or so...
I'm not sure whether mallards use their feathers for nest lining, or whether this pair had just been fighting. If so, the one missing all the feathers certainly seemed to be the dominant of the two drakes, who were snoozing contentedly on the bank along with a female, until I walked along the path past them.

Mandarin drake




I had a large heavy lens on my camera when I took this (from moon shots the previous night) so it's not as sharp as I'd like. But since this particular female robin calls to be fed from all over the place - next door, up in the trees, on the shed roof - I was happy to get any photo at all.


  1. I love that picture of the 2 robins, and also loved the moon shot. it's been an amazing sky the last few nights, and the weather is just ridiculous! I have winter, spring and summer clematis all blooming at once!

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