Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Still no Greek photos

One litre of milk was lost in the taking of these photos...
C is very fussy about milk - he looks at the date on the lid, and if it's even a day over he will be very reluctant to use it. Me - I go by smell. If it smells OK, I'll drink it or have it on cereal, but if I had milk in my tea (I don't), I might hesitate a moment.
So, our milk had today's date on it and I thought I'd better buy a litre on the way to work this morning. (We had cauliflower cheese for tea, to use most of the old milk up).
I was crossing the bridge over the Liffey and saw a large cygnet with two swans - first time all summer I've seen one on the Liffey. So, I took my camera out of my bag and stuffed the milk in and took some photos...
Got into work and went to take the milk out of my backpack to store in the fridge. Out comes a geyser of milk - somehow, for the first time ever, I'd managed to shove it straight down onto a knitting needle. I was just lucky that while it was still in the bag, it didn't leak at all - and was I ever glad that I'd got just one litre instead of the two litres that I usually buy.
The photo of the swans and cygnet isn't so good but I've included it so that you can see how large the cygnet is - almost adult size.

Sloe gin - already that lovely ruby-red colour is seeping out of the berries. I read that you can freeze the berries for 24 hours which causes the skins to split and means you don't need to pierce each one, but I chose the piercing option.


  1. That cygnet does look quite large! Too bad about your milk, but I have to say I'm the same way with the date. We don't usually have milk around here much these days unless my daughter is home. I've taken to using fat free half and half in my coffee and nothing in my tea. So glad the milk didn't spoil your knitting or anything in the bag - or at least I hope it didn't!

    Your talk of sloe gin has reminded me that a sloe gin fizz was the drink that I used to get when my husband and I were dating (back in the 70's). I'm pretty much alcohol free these days because of medications, but I could go for one of those!

  2. Is there anything you can't do my friend? The sloe gin looks fascinating to me...such a deep, rich red color. Sorry about your milk fiasco, but it sounds like it didn't ruin your camera, which is definitely a good thing!