Saturday, 23 October 2010

Autumn Splendour

Last week's photo challenge on SCS was Fall Splendour. As things turned out, we had the most dismal dull grey skies after the challenge was posted - and not rain, but almost like a mist that never lifted for a couple of days. Then last Saturday when it started to get a bit nicer, we were going to be out all day up North. So the only photos I got were a few I took on the walk down to get the paper and some bread and milk on Saturday morning before we went out.
Actually it seems to me that for the end of October there are still an awful lot of green trees around - even driving through the Glen o' the Downs last weekend and again  on Thursday this week, I'd have expected it to be a riot of colour, but it's still pretty much green.

I also finally found enough sunshine for a picture of these berries, which I wanted for the Berried Treasure challenge. I do know what the tree is called - I took a photo of the label on a tree in Farmleigh last year, but I'd have to scan through a pile of photos to find it - or get out my RHS book of plants, which probably wouldn't be any quicker.


  1. You've inspired me to take my camera out with me today and shoot some Autumn 'flower' pics. Yours are just lovely!

  2. This tree inspired me to make 2 challange cards with these colors...Love these fall colors...