Monday, 18 October 2010

Bits and pieces...

Still plugging away winnowing out some photos and picking the best for uploading. I managed to get through a good few tonight while on the phone to my dad. I mentioned that the old town was on the hill - quite a few of the streets are steps, as in the first photo here.


These lovely red shutters were on the Port Authority building. We couldn't see it from the beach at all, but once you'd swum out a little bit, there they were, a lovely splash of colour.

And this cat on a roof under the moon was just across the road from it, on an evening walk.

There were two main churches in the town - one near us, much newer, complete with air-conditioning.
This one was up at the top of the hill near the castle.

No air-con in this one, but benches around the outside and lots of shade from the trees.


  1. sounds and looks like a great holiday - and I love the cat on the roof :)

  2. Oh my, I think you'd have to be in very good shape to climb up and down those steps. That's a great little piece of artwork you found. What a great find, and what a great composition of the cat on the roof with the moon. He really looks like he wanted to ask you what you were doing.