Sunday, 27 December 2009

Winter Photos

Sneak Peek for the MMTPT74 challenge:

C says the photo of the heron is my reward for going for a walk in the park with him this morning when I didn't really want to...

The deer picture was taken on Christmas morning.

In a way the park was disappointing then - our local green was much more of a winter wonderland.

But it was fun to see the lake frozen over, and after we heard a bit of clashing of antlers going on, we saw that buck in the photo above give chase to another one - at quite some speed.


  1. What wonderful photographs!! I think I can be there for the tea party this week, and I already have a stamp set in mind!!! See you soon!!!

  2. Oh my, winter wonderland for sure! I love the tress especially and I will make sure Pierre see'S the deers. I didn't even know you had a blog. (ooops) Good for you to be rewarded for your walk, it was worth the effort. I give you and A!

    Will definetely see you on tuesday. Looking forward to the rest of this already beautiful teapot.

  3. Sabrina....your pictures are just breathtaking!!! I would love to live close to such beauty!!! Thanks for being the hostess this week the sneek peak....I may have a pinecone stamp or two I could use!! Have a wonderful New Years!!

  4. Hi Sabrina! I may be late to the party but will definitely be playing. I bet you were glad you went on that walk. Your pictures are amazing and I am so grateful you share them o0n this blog.
    See you at the teaparty! Judi

  5. Oh Sabrina - what wonderful pictures. I love that tree and the setting for the deer is beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest of that teapot!

  6. Beautiful photos Sabrina! I did not realise you had a in my favs!
    Love the robins and your receipes are making me hungry!
    Love what I can see of your teapot. Off now to see if I can come up with a card.
    Hope to see you soon!

  7. Oh!! Sabrina.Thank you for sharing with us your magnificent pictures. You are sooo lucky to be so close to such beauty. And your photography talent is awesome!! I could go on & on about your beautiful pictures.

    It is so much fun to have you hosting our Tuesday T-Pot Challange. You will definately see me there.

  8. Thanks for the sneak peek, SabGogh!! It looks beautimous! I think you already know that I love your photography and have visited often. These pictures are spectacular!