Monday, 7 December 2009

New Tree Decoration

I had to smile when I saw Lorraine's post this morning with her lovely bird decorations. On my to-do list today was to take a photo of the lovely little Venetian glass ornament I got at the Craft Fair in the RDS last week. Time was when all the crafts were Irish - not true any longer. I went on Wednesday with someone from work, but didn't get to see all the stands. So when C came home on Wednesday night with two free tickets for either Thursday or Friday - well, there wasn't much deciding to do. I'd seen the Venetian stand on Wednesday and had been admiring the beads. I have some antique Venetian glass beads which I wear quite a lot - these modern ones were much glitzier, but lovely. There were a lot of masks too - very pretty but not my style. On Wednesday the stand was so crowded I never saw the tree decorations, so I was delighted on Friday to find that as well as the less nice Santas, they had just one little boy ornament left. I like getting a special ornament each year - but only if it's something I really like, not anything for the sake of something. This little guy will look much better on the tree than hanging from my Anglepoise.

We had a power cut just a few minutes after C got home. It's the second one in just over a week, and this time my computer did not like it, Thunderbird was acting up in a major way. I'd just got about half a dozen candles lit in the sitting room and hall when the power came back on.

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  1. That is an adorable treasure. So glad you got to go back and look again.