Monday, 21 December 2009

Today's birdwatch...

...netted the usual elusive coal tit. I don't know how I am going to get a good picture of him. Even with the tripod, and the camera pre-focused, he just flies onto the feeder and off again so quickly.Also the sparrows, pigeons, a blackbird - I think they are feeling the cold and scavenging more nuts and seed from the ground than they normally would.

This little blue tit was much more cooperative. He's tiny, the fat ball is only about 2 inches diameter.

Temperatures still below freezing - when I went shopping at 9 this morning, I had to get in the passenger side, and even when I got to the shopping centre the lock on the driver side was still frozen. Just so long as it stays dry - black ice is a worry for C on the motorbike.
I know there are so many photos of our little robin - definitely two now - but I loved this one because for a change it also has a more picturesque background.


  1. Such beautiful photography and birds, Sabrina!

  2. Oh wow Sabrina! This is right up my alley as I love photography of all things nature. These birds are just wonderful!!! So excited to see your blog. I love cooking too so I know I will be a regular here. Thanks for sharing and hugs to you!!