Thursday, 31 May 2018

May Favourites

I've been having fun with more Chibitronics cards but probably won't include those in this post as I have several other favourite cards...

The one with the antique photo was for a challenge to use photos. Normally, no problem. But for the last year or more, our printer has steadfastly refused to print on anything other than regular paper. Photo paper - no; trasnparencies, no; vellum - just about. So I rooted through the box where I knew I had kept some photos from an old album when I was throwing it out. It led me to look up "instantaneous photography" because it surprised me to see the term on such an old photo. Lorraine, thank you for the perfect stamp to use on this.


I need a couple of special  birthday cards for July, and was making sure to have them made and filed away safely in good time. The garden room is the interior of one, and then we have a pop-up tag book. Postage went up in April and I didn't realise till about three weeks ago. Oops. 


  1. I missed the postage increases as well - thought I was being overcharged at the post office. And I'd put something the same weight in the post box €1 short on postage that morning!

  2. So glad you found that photo in your stash. These are all great. Those ducks really made me smile. I don't know if it's me or the changes that Blogger was working on caused me to miss all your posts from this date to 6/11. I'll be catching up though.