Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Giverny part 3

Mostly in the house - which was very crowded and consequently not photo-friendly.

We had been planning to get a later train back to Paris, but at this stage in the heat we felt we didn't want to walk around the town just for the sake of it, and the shuttle bus for the earlier train was due to leave in about twenty minutes so we went for it - and the next post will be a few photos from a very quick walk we took in Vernon before the train. If we had been planning to get the earlier train, I think we might have felt rushed, but because it was a spontaneous decision when we felt we'd seen enough of the garden, there was no pressure on us. It was beautiful to see Giverny again, but I hope that our next visit will be an autumn one.

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  1. Oh, all that beautiful blue and white! And those rows and rows of flowers and arches. Beautiful beyond words.