Monday, 1 August 2016

Rabbits, Rabbits

When I think about it, it surprises me how many superstitions my otherwise very rational mother subscribed to - throwing  pinch of spilled salt over her left shoulder, greeting magpies to avert bad luck, and saying "Rabbits, rabbits" on the first of the month,  before speaking to anybody else. Even luckier, "White rabbits, white rabbits".

So here are some lucky rabbits  from Art Neko - white and brown - for the first of the month.
I used the Hiroshige Moon Viewing Rabbits, and some beautiful fabric paper for the first one. C was very impressed with the paper thinking that I had carefully stuck all the little gold leaves on myself - I had to disillusion him. Simple masking and sponging.

The second one isn't strictly a design team card, as I used stamps from various companies to create the retiform background. This time they are enjoying a harvest moon! Other stamps used were Timeless Textures from Stampin' Up! and an old Hero Arts script stamp.

My new blog header says it all for an Irish summer - wet. Apparently I only took 8 photos last August that I considered worth editing and keeping.

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  1. I'd never heard that before "rabbits, rabbits" and it's too late this month. Love the cards. Both are beautiful.