Sunday, 7 August 2016

France - part 5

The campsite in Eygalières was a lovely place to stay. It was small - only 30 pitches, 15 each side up a long avenue, but once you came out the front gate and turned left, you were only about thirty metres from the crossroads in the centre of the village, and it was lovely to have not just a bakery but also a butcher/deli, cheese chop, wine shop and general stores all within 5 minutes walk. I took a lot of photos around the village, so I'm going to spread them out over several posts. There is the main part of the town, and then clustered together up on a hilly peak is the old town - some of which is still in ruins, some has been beautifully renovated and some is on the way to being restored.

We were lucky enough to be treated to a free outdoor concert on our first evening. I don't usually take candid shots - being a private person myself I'm not very comfortable about taking them - but I couldn't resist taking a few of other members of the audience.

This photo and the next are the vew into a courtyard through the gate, the house beside the campsite.

Cafe at the central crossroad

Looking up to the old town

This month's blog header says it all for an Irish summer. Apparently I only saved and edited about 8 photos in August last year.

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  1. That really looks like a charming village. All that and entertainment too! Your candids are great. I think the dog caught you though:)