Thursday, 18 August 2016

More Utility Box Art

The first one of these is just outside work - and I think the "gate" in the title must refer to St James' Gate...

The second one is very near my bus stop. I noticed it and stopped to take a couple of photos. It reminds me a little of some of  Escher's drawings, especially the tessellations with fish  - Tessellation 99 on the page I have linked to (it's listed alphabetically under F for fish).

 It was a nice sunny day ;-).

It evidently was still a work in progress, because the next day I was in work I noticed it had some further additions - but still no title. I'll check on that tomorrow!


  1. These are really cool. What fascinates me is that they are actually being painted by the artist. We have art on boxes here but they are not "hand" painted, they are some kind of plastic overlay. How wonderful that you get to see the work in progress.