Monday, 27 May 2013

Hot Sands

We're just back from two weeks in Corfu - a lovely break. 1000+  photos are going to take a bit of culling before I get round to editing the best ones, but these are from possibly my favourite place. C likes the mountains and the olive groves, but I love Lake Korission, and it was a pity that this time we were staying too far away to visit it more than once. Don't worry - it's not all sand! My favourite part is along the fringe of the lagoon and through the juniper grove. .But even on the bare sand there's plenty of life. We saw a lot of bird tracks, both large and small, and then spotted this Little Ringed Plover. I  can only guess it was hunting insects, which were abundant. We also thought we saw a snake track, quite possible since we saw a dead snake. Last time we visited we saw a hare racing across - no such treat this time, but we did have another  real treat when we first got to the lagoon, but sadly I had not brought my point and shoot so wasn't able to zoom in as much as I wanted too. I'll save the surprise for another post, though!


  1. ah you lucky thing, I've always wanted to visit Corfu since I read those Gerald Durrell books! Looking forward to lots of gorgeous pics.

  2. It looks so peaceful there. I'm also looking forward to seeing more.