Saturday, 4 May 2013

April Cards

Favourite cards for April!
Not too many, I was so tired that I felt most of what I made was on the bleah side...

I loved the robot one, though. When I started making it I was thinking of my youngest nephew, but actually I think it will do very well for an adult engineer who studied robotics. Can't you just imagine a robot-style voice saying "Seize the cake"? I could.

Either my computer is ageing even faster than I am, or the new release of GIMP is very resource-intensive, I'm having a lot of trouble editing photos these days. Since C gave me PhotoShop Elements 11 for my birthday, I think I badly need to find time to load it and learn it and see if it reduces the amount of crashes I'm experiencing.


  1. those are lovely, I specially like the first one

  2. My dear, I don't think you have a bleah side! Love the origami boxed butterflies.