Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Arillas is a little village on the north-west coast. They do, so I read, have a heritage trail that runs through a small farm showing the old methods of cultivation and finishing at the microbrewery, but it was only being signposted for the new season after we visited. If we go again, it will definitely be on my to-do list. As it was, it was just a short detour off our main route to see if we could actually find the brewery (no), but the scenery was just beautiful. Despite what it looks like in the third photo, C says he barely got wet at all, and not when he was sitting at the end. If I remember right, this was a very windy day. First beach we went to, the surfers were out and it was too cold for me to get in. It was still very surfy with a lot of undertow on the beach we visited after this, but we both got in and really enjoyed it.

Still learning Photoshop Elements, so I haven't yet worked out how to rotate photos to straighten crooked horizons. I will get there soon!!


  1. sigh - that looks wonderful!

    If you'd like help with Photoshop, email me (or PM me on SCS, I can't remember if you have my email, lol).

  2. oh,those photos are wonderful :)

  3. Such a pristine beach. Hard to believe he barely got wet with that sea spray, but I bet it was refreshing.