Sunday, 7 April 2013


One quick photo from a visit to Farmleigh yesterday, because this one needs no editing.
It was cold enough, I don't think temperatures rose much above 8C (46, 27 F), but in the sunshine it was WARM.
And it was sunny! We woke up early, so I cooked the German Apple Pancake for breakfast and still had time to potter around a little before we went to Farmleigh (which doesn't open till ten). There is a Japanese Festival tomorrow, and I felt so sad for them because all the cherry trees behind the Boathouse CafĂ© and along the edge of the lawn where they had sited some marquees were as bare as bare could be. And the magnolias are still all tightly cased in their fuzzy  - what do you call them?
There weren't even as many daffodils as usual, but the scilla was out all over.


  1. I love scilla. I love how it turns up in the most unusual places sometimes. We noticed some pink trees blooming yesterday - driving it was hard to tell what they were, but they were pretty. Spring seems to be coming slowly everywhere.

  2. oh it's so sad this year how behind things are. Our garden looks like January still. Hubby was out for a cycle today and he said the countryside looks so bare, nothing out yet. We need a good summer after this!