Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March cards

Two of my favourite cards for March are Christmas cards, so I won't post them here...
It felt like an unproductive month, especially when there was a week that I didn't make any cards at all while we were dog-sitting, but I find I have quite a few favourites.
The first one is Serendipity Squares - a messy technique from way back but always fun. The third one is done with Couleur d'Art pencils, which I've had for years. How did it take me this long to learn that they acat as a resist with inks, so I can colour and then sponge the background without worrying about masking?  I got a set of 24 a long time ago when I worked in import and distribution of fine art supplies - the box of 48 was never in stock when I wanted it. 24 is limiting, though - so a large box of pencils is coming my way later this month.


  1. lovely cards, Chanticleer is my favourite I think :)

  2. I'd say you are a master at those techniques. All of them beautiful!