Thursday, 25 April 2013

Green mist, white froth

After it stopped raining today I walked down to post some letters and pick up a couple of things from the greengrocer. I could really see a green mist on a lot of the trees now, and the cherry blossom is finally out in strength. And a lot easier to photograph than the green haze on the trees, though I like this photo as it still has  a totally bare tree in the foreground. The third picture is a chestnut tree.

The remaining photos were taken on the way to work on of the brighter mornings. I discovered it's a bit hard to feed the gulls and take photos at the same time!

The coffee sign is outside the same restaurant which had the Spring sign way back in February! (last photo in the post). I hope they're more accurate in their description of their coffee than in their weather forecasting.

1 comment :

  1. Our green mist is literally covering everything at the moment. Can't hang anything on the line or bother to wash the car. But the trees look so pretty. Sometimes I wish the trees in our yard would stay in flower all summer. Anything usually 5' and higher is safe from the deer.