Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Out and about in Dublin.

It doesn't seem like so long ago since I took a photo of this wall when it was just gently shabby looking, not totally weathered like this. I'll have to look it out!

Our robins aren't around too often this days - we often see them in front picking insects out of the hedge, less often in the back. So it was a treat to have one fly down this morning when I went to put the bin out and shut the back gate.


  1. It amazes me sometimes how some things seem to change so quickly. Always to remind us that it doesn't last forever. But it is wonderful to see the beauty in each stage of decline when you can. I'm smiling thinking of you smiling when you saw your little robin!

  2. I like the weathered look, I am forever taking pics of rust, peeling paint and the likes.