Monday, 21 May 2012


We went out to my aunt's this afternoon when I finished work, to try to get a generic cartridge installed and working in her printer. Before calling up we had a picnic lunch (leftover Cornish Pasties from Saturday's major baking session) on the seafront in Greystones. Sunshine and blue skies, at last, but with a stiff wind from the sea it was quite cold and after we'd finished the pasties and fed the crumbs to the rooks, we went back to the car for our fruit and peanut-butter cookies.
One of the crows had a really deformed beak - you can see it in this picture, and also you can pick him out in the next one.

We saw some swallows, too - the first I've seen this year. And my aunt and I saw what looked like a juvenile coal tit on one of her feeders.
I've been seeing a robin more regularly too - usually with a beak full of insects as he flies back to the nest. The nest must be in a very different place to any other robins we've had, as he flies over the back gate and out towards the road. So I don't know if we'll be seeing any baby robins on the patio this year.

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  1. How very observant of you to notice that beak. Doesn't look like he's any the worse for it. I wonder at the noise they make with their heads craned up and beaks open. Must be fun to watch. Hope you get some robins in a future clutch maybe.