Friday, 4 May 2012

April cards

Favourites from seems to have been a good month on the creative front. I'm so pleased that Rangers brought out some more colours in Liquid Pearls, especially some better greens. They're fun to stamp with, as in this Asian card.

I find it harder to send such simple cards as this, in case people think that they've been short-changed, but they'll always get used somewhere along the way.

Tomorrow's project is finishing off a knitted jacket for my nephew's birthday. Rather stupidly I forgot to bring the wool to work this morning - at least I was able to pick up all the stitches for the front bands so it was all ready to start knitting this afternoon. Picture to follow...


  1. I love the elephant and the blue birds specially!

  2. It certainly looks like a productive month and I know that there are more in your gallery. The little birds are sweet but I like the tattoo card too and the red, blue and kraft one, and the asian, and, oh - I love them all!

  3. A great bunch of cards Sabrina, I love the simple one, if I try to make complicated cards they always turn out wrong. The birds are my favourite, I love the music background.Enjoy the knitting.
    Claire xxxx