Saturday, 7 January 2012

Seen around town

Haven't had time yet to upload any photos from our walk in the park last Monday, but at least there are so few of these snaps from around town that it didn't take any time to copy and edit them.
We have, to go with the rowing Santa from Christmas Eve, a biker Santa. Well, not what C would call a real biker, but he certainly caught my attention on the way to work the other morning.

As did a welcome ray of sunshine lighting up this building. It's been so, so grey these last couple of weeks.

On Thursday afternoon there was some respite from the gale-force winds, and the sky brightened up too around lunchtime, so I walked into town after work to get some wool for a couple of projects. This is the Christmas "tree" on O'Connell Street.

This scarf was a last-minute idea for a Christmas gift for my aunt. Had to phone the wool shop to make sure that they'd have two balls of any of the nice colourways in stock, so as not to waste a journey in to town if they didn't.

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  1. Funny how those Santa hats catch our attention. We saw some joggers running together on Christmas day with their red hats. No pics though. And the sun sure gives you a lift in spirits, even if a brief one. I love that tree. Reminds me a bit of the ones I've seen on cards with all the varying sizes of circles. I bet your aunt loved the scarf!!!