Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

I picked out a lovely autumnal photo of the lake in Farmleigh to use as my header for this month - but then I couldn't find any colour for the title that worked, so I had to scrap that idea. C, whose turn it was to choose the calendar photo for the month, chose a snow scene but I wasn't sure I wanted to be looking at snow all month, so I actually had to go back to November 2009 for a suitable November photo...

Last week when I went to visit my aunt she had a hairdresser's appointment just around the time my train got in. So instead of my normal walk up to her cottage, I walked around the seafront instead. Much more my home turf - I can't count how many times I must have walked along that road.

The South Beach - when we were on it last summer I noticed a lot of some type of grass growing in it. That was never there when we were kids. And it used to be possible to bathe in the men's bathing place! I remember a couple of midnight swims there, but looking at the condition of the graffiti it's been a long time since the water came in that far.

There were several "in memoriam" benches along the front - this was the most unusual, and a great take on a rowing boat.

A Ringed Plover trying to open a mussel, a young Herring Gull and a crow...

And some information boards on what may be seen.

My brother always loved this anchor!

Working on the new marina and harbour. Or more like not working - it's all fenced off, but there was no sign of any machinery either from the train or walking around the harbour. A victim of the recession, I suspect.

And look - you can see the house where I grew up - that red roof with all the chimneys. The big tree to the left is a eucalyptus. It was the only tree in the garden that we couldn't climb - with a trunk diameter of at least  8-10 feet, and the first branch coming out about 15 feet up that was hardly surprising. But we could clamber into it from another tree beside it, and there was a rope for climbing and swinging from.

The LaTouche Hotel was where I (very briefly) did ballet, and I've been to a couple of weddings in my time too. It's pretty derelict looking now!!

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  1. First - your new header took my breath away. I do like that bench - very creative - and the spotted feathers of the gull. The crow is so appropo for this time of year to me. It looks like you had a very enjoyable wait.