Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Red skies

On the days that haven't been overwhelmingly grey we've had some lovely sunrises and sunsets. The disadvantage of living in a built-up area is that you can't really see them that well - or get good photos.

The sky really was that pink for a brief while the other morning: I could see the glow when I went out to put a wash on, so I grabbed the camera and went out the front door, but within less than ten minutes it was all gone. That was also the morning I saw a heron fly over - but that was before I grabbed the camera.

In the night sky you can see the ivy flowering in the garden next door. I'd actually taken a photo of the ivy flowers when I walked along the canal last week.

Warm off the knitting needles, I posted this little jacket off on Monday morning. The little hood is detachable. I always wonder about long hair getting caught in the buttons, though! I'm currently knitting a neck-warmer to use instead of a scarf on the motorbike, and then I have a couple of projects for my nieces and nephews with some wool I got from my sister-in-law when we visited recently.


  1. The pink glow of the morning sky is wondrous and I know how brief it can last. I must say that the sunset almost looks like a mountain scene - very high up. The touches of pink and lavendar are so soothing. Great pics! The silhouetted ivy flowers are beautiful. What a sweet little jacket. Such great colors - somewhat like the sunset picture. It's obvious you are a very skilled knitter.

  2. Beautiful skies, the second photo is amazing with the layers of blue and pink. Beautiful jacket, I am usually not too fond of mixed colours but this is an exception, it is gorgeous!