Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First stop...

...was our friend's house in Brittany - fairly central. The first time we stayed there, C fell in love with the house, but we can see Pierre's point that it's cold in winter and quite isolated. These photos were taken on a damp morning when we took a lazy day and didn't do much at all. I did walk down to the main road (about 1.5 km) to drop the rubbish back into the bins for collection. It was the only day I needed to wear shoes and socks. We did the same walk together in the evening when we went to visit somebody, after I'd assured C that it wasn't nearly as far as he thought it was. Thank goodness we both had torches - just one might have been a bit inadequate.
It's an old house -  it's been in the family for several generations. Originally it would just have been one room deep - along the front you can see the barns to the left, and the house to the right - downstairs is a kitchen (two French doors), sitting room (French door and window, and a small sitting room area to the right of the front door. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms and the bathroom, opening off a  corridor running along the back of the house. I've been in Irish farmhouses with a very similar construction. At some stage a (relatively) modern extension was built, so along the back of the house there is a boiler room, another dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

In the barn/garage you can see a Breton flag hanging on the wall.

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  1. What a charming house. I love the look of stone homes, although I do imagine them to be cool. Are those shoes by the clock? Interesting.