Friday, 19 August 2011

River Birds

There seem to be a lot more gulls nowadays, and especially more black-headed ones - even though they're not so black-headed at this time of the year.

There's been an afternoon programme  on Radio 4 this week in the 15-minute slot at quarter to four which has been covering farmland birds. Today was a lot about sparrows (and I have a video of those, just got to upload it), but one this week covered black-headed gulls, and mentioned Kehar in Watership Down, and how that was the sound they made. It's true - I specially listened out this morning and heard it.

Wednesday morning, or was it Tuesday, was the first time I'd seen two cormorants together. Given that one is in the foreground and still looks smaller I wonder if it's a juvenile.


  1. Sabrina, you really get the most interesting shots. The second gull with the reflection and the foot visible through the water is beyond words

  2. oops, didn't finish that right!

    beyond words remarkable. And to capture the others with their wings spread like that. Great pictures my friend.