Wednesday, 24 August 2011


We took a trip to Birr on Saturday. With C being with me I took very few photos compared to if I were on my own, but it was nice to have him with me for a change. He'd been promising me for a long time that he had to go on business and I'd get a trip in that way, but it hadn't happened yet this year. As there was a car he wanted to look at in the town, we combined the two on Saturday - along with another two cars on the way back - it was a long day!
The gardens were lovely, as always, but you could see that the hard winter had taken its toll. Compared to this time last year there wasn't nearly as much growth ( the border of agapanthus, where I got so many butterfly photos last year, was very sparse, and though the colchicum were out, they weren't in the same drifts that you could see from the far side of the river. There also seemed to be several trees down - I imagine more to do with the weight of snow than wind, as the fallen trunk C walked across looked quite sound, so he said.

I would have thought these were irises if I hadn't seen the odd flower heads!


  1. The grass in your first photo brought to mind your teapot card of this week. It looks like you had great weather and a very productive walk. I hope the car hunt will be as productive. (Did you walk across that bridge I wonder?)