Friday, 5 August 2011

A Miscellany

Photos that didn't make it as the blog header this month!

My other favourite cards from July. Seems I made up for having felt in a creative slump all June to have ended up with several that were all favourites. Neither of these is my normal style at all.

Mrs Robin has been very elusive recently - even when she is around she's been much more timid than normal. I suppose it's because she feels vulnerable, but from my point of view it's as if she doesn't want her photo taken while she looks so shabby. She'll snatch a couple of worms and then retire behind the bin. I'm happy to say that after several days of not seeing her at all, today she flew straight down to the back step and stayed there to eat - with her new tail starting to show and looking all fresh. No camera handy, alas. These are from last weekend, the last time I'd seen her properly.


  1. Love the header! I can see the hard choice you had deciding between those great photos. Poor Mrs. Robin - so glad she's beginning to regrow her tail. Everyone needs balance!

  2. I agree, fabulous cards. The first one will look great frames, as for the second one, I would yield tons of cards; varying the colour schemme!